Barbecue Grills – The Great American Cooking Experience

Barbecue Grills – The Basics

lg-series_700_angleBarbecue grills have become a staple for summertime cooking in many households. And just like all other appliances, there is a large selection and everyone has a preference. The most common types of barbecue grills on the market today are wood, gas, charcoal and pellet. So, does it really matter what type of barbecue grill you get? Well, that depends… Factors like flavor, cook time and cost are a few important variables to consider when purchasing a barbecue grill. The following will outline a few of the pros and cons associated with different types of barbecue grills.

Barbecue Grills – Is There Really a Difference?

big-green-eggVariety is certainly not in short supply when considering barbecue grills. Aside from the main four heat sources, there are brand and size considerations as well as cost effectiveness. So, which grill is king? When it comes to:

  • Flavor – Nothing beats wood barbecue grills. Although charcoal, gas and pellet grills do offer some options for achieving that wonderful smoked or sweet flavor, wood grills will offer a more robust flavor. The downside of a wood grill can be the intensity of flavor. If a more delicate flavor is desired, then gas or pellet grills would be better.
  • Speed – Gas and pellet grills take the cake when it comes to speed. Ready in a little over 10 minutes, these grills work nearly as quickly as a microwave without compromising flavor. Charcoal can take up to 20 minutes, while wood can be in excess of 30 minutes.
  • Heat – If you’re looking to sear steaks, then wood and charcoal are definitely going to give you the heat. Unfortunately, the wood grills do not have the longevity of some of the other options listed. Embers tend to lose their heat more quickly, ruling out long cook times unless a large pile of embers is available. Building that bed of embers significantly increase the amount of time it will take for the grill to be ready to cook on. Gas grills are great if you would like more temperature control, but they often do not provide the high levels of heat that wood or charcoal can. If you are looking for slow cooking for larger quantities or larger cuts, then pellet barbecue grills are definitely a strong contender.
  • Ease of Use – While it doesn’t take a rocket-scientists to use a barbecue grill, some skill is necessary for achieving the desired flavor. Gas grills are by far the easiest to operate. With the turn of a dial and a push of a button, the grill is started and within a few minutes you will be ready to start cooking. Pellet stoves are easier in that they do not need to be watched as closely since temperatures are not as high and cooking times are longer. Charcoal and wood barbecue grills require a more watchful eye and are more labor intensive when cooking.
  • Versatility – Gas grills offer the most versatility in that they are more readily useable during cold weather months and are often portable in nature. Pellet barbecue grills do offer some flexibility during the cold weather months as well; however, their dependence on electricity does limit portability. Whereas charcoal and wood grills are limited to the dedication of the cook. Maintaining good heat and location often poses the greatest challenge when using these grills, especially in colder weather climates.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Cost effectiveness is relative, as each type of grill has some expense associated with it. Initial costs can vary greatly depending on the variety of barbecue grills being considered. Wood barbecue grills can be least expensive to operate depending on your access to wood. Gas grills can be costly because of the maintenance costs associated with valves, tubes and other complex parts. The cost of pellets and charcoal, as well as replacement grills can add to the overall investment in these types of grills. The greatest advice in terms of cost is don’t scrimp on the initial investment. The decision to do so can be quite costly in the long run.

Barbecue Grills – A Final Note

mhp-grillsThe variety of barbecue grills available today leaves the outdoor chef a lot to consider. From the initial investment to the overall cooking experience, barbecue grills have left nothing to chance. Before making the leap, do your research and consult a professional to help you make an informed decision. Buckeye Stoves is proud to offer a large selection of wood, charcoal, gas and pellet barbecue grills, supplies and accessories to make your outdoor cooking adventure a reality. The professionals at Buckeye Stoves are available to answer questions and provide in-depth information about a variety of barbecue grills. Contact us today for more information.